Smart Objects Put their Contracts in Writing

March 10, 2008

When you write a function or method that is going to be called from other people’s code, then you would want to let them know how to use it, right? If you are using Java, the typical way of doing that would be to document your method in a JavaDoc comment. As an example, consider the specification for the Arrays.binarySearch method in the Java API. It clearly states that the array that you pass into this method must be sorted in order for the method to work correctly. This is what the method expects from its caller. The documentation goes on to explain what values the method returns under which conditions. This is what the caller can expect from the method. You can think of these mutual expectations as forming a contract between the method (service provider) and the caller (client, service consumer). The service provider basically tells the client: As long as you ensure X before calling my method, I guarantee Y when my method returns. X is known as the precondition, Y as the postcondition.

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